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Truth: I’m terrified of Cas meeting demon!Dean. Considering what demon!Dean will say to Sam tomorrow night, I’m really not ready for him to hurt Cas that bad too. He seems like he’ll cut the ones he loves the most in the worst way he can and I just….

I’m pretty sure tomorrow night could be a painful, soul-ripping experience for Cas fans. I mean, look who wrote it.

Brace yourselves.

“I do feel that the boys are getting left out. Girls will read boys’ books, but boys won’t read girls’ books. If you’re writing for a girl, you’ve got most of the audience on your side anyway.”


S. E. Hinton (Source)

I strongly, stronglystronglystrongly, disagree with that statement.

They put out more comics about Jessica Jones, a little known Marvel superhero. My name is Jessica Jones so this has become a thing I really need in my life. I don’t know if they’re new per se but they look new to me (The Pulse). I need the first set of Jessica comics (Alias) next month. It’s preordered in a book. Marvel is releasing a new printing on November 4. Then later in the month, maybe I can get the new comics. She looks like me in my own head!

I was just talking to my friend Emily on Twitter and I don’t know why I never realized this before. Follow me here. Eric Kripke was influenced by an older character for Dean who was bisexual. That part I knew. But then (this part I hadn’t realized), Kripke was influenced by Constantine when he created Castiel. Another bisexual character. So. Let’s take stock of the possibilities laid out right there on a silver platter.

Two characters, both alike in bisexuality,
In fair Kansas where we lay our scene….


Anonymous said: Sorry I didn't have internet yesterday so just count this as day three: I love you


Anonymous said: Hey! I just finished reading The Littlest Winchester and although I don't read mpreg normally I thought it was so adorable and well written :)


Anonymous said: Wtf he should've punched that fucker in the face what a piece of shit

When Frankenstein stuck his hands in my corset? Yeah, we were all very stunned and frozen. Like, I got sexually assaulted in the middle of a very popular charity Halloween party in Atlanta and we were like… what just happened….

Anonymous said: I love you


Oops. I forgot that was in my queue. Sorry for the repeat post of The Littlest Winchester. I’m pretty sure you guys know already that it’s done (at least that part of the series is done).

The Littlest Winchester (COMPLETE)

I wanted to make sure you guys know that this story is finished now. For those who never read mpreg before, thanks for giving it a shot with me, because I’ve never written it before. I did it as a gift for a friend but I actually found out that I really enjoyed the experience! So give it a read if you haven’t yet.


Check out my other multi-chapter Destiel stories on the tumblr master post or on Archive of Our Own. This story is complete.







The Littlest Winchester

Dean realized they weren’t going to be able to hide it much longer when Castiel stretched for a box of convent artifacts and a subtle swelling poked out of his shirt. That was also the day it became all too real. Angels bred. They had no gender, of course. They evolved into reproducing among themselves and with humans, they thought, because God abandoned them so long ago that the species would have died out in wars if it didn’t begin to breed. Only the old standard ultraconservative angels still referred to each other as siblings. Most of them grew to realize centuries before that they weren’t, in fact, siblings and many of them paired off into profound bonds. Unexpectedly, Castiel and Dean created a life together. This is their story.

Read the story:

Leviathan!Cas and demon!Dean on a date though.


#learnt that from my boyfriend

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Supernatural is not about romance, only… IT REALLY IS!


I don’t know if someone has already talked about this, but I haven’t read anything similar to what I have to say, so I’ll give it a try.

This morning I was thinking about the show, about Dean and Cas to be more specific (I do that a lot!), and suddenly I wondered: Why is the word “LOVE” being used so much? I have made some connections and, of course, I can be mistaken, but I want to share them with you all.

Do you remember the conversation between the fake Ezekiel and Dean in 9x02?

Zeke!Sam: You were protecting your brother. I am in Sam’s head. Everything he knows, I know. And I know that what you did, you did out of love.

Dean: Yeah, uh, look, Zeke—I’m gonna call you Zeke—I’m not really with the whole, uh, love, and… love.

A lot has been said about why Dean mentioned the word “love” twice. When Zeke said love, he was obviously talking about the love Dean has for Sam, but Dean said “love and… love.” The first one is Sam. Who is the second one? That question matches pretty well the so obviously repeated line “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” in the opening song for season 9 (x). We already know who the first love for Dean is (Sammy), but “who do you love,” Dean Winchester? Who’s the second love in your life?

Then in the season 9 finale, Metatron said this:

“This is a story, […] a marvelous story, full of love and heartbreak and… love.”

Dean and Metatron made the exact same pause “and… love”. The phrase was mentioned again, but this time there was an additional word: “heartbreak”. That might mean nothing, except… if we pay attention to the chorus of the season 10 opening song, we get this:


So… in 9x23, Metatron made a connection to the “love and… love” said by Dean and added “heartbreak” to it, and in 10x01, we hear “heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker.” Not only did we get the heartbreaker (who is obviously Dean because the season opening songs are always describing Dean somehow), but we also got another two additional phrases “dream maker” and “love taker.” And in the same episode, we got Castiel saying this:

“Not all bad comes from it – art, hope, LOVE, DREAMS.”

Thus, in the season 10 premiere we got the “dream maker, love taker” and suddenly, we also got someone who mentioned dreams and love… someone who is not supposed to experience those emotions because they are “human things.” And what’s the most interesting part? After Cas said dreams, we immediately got Dean’s face on our screen.  

FULL CYCLE. We started with Dean and went back to him.

In case we were not sure the “dream” reference was totally about Castiel, in episode 10x02 we got a little girl asking him, “Did you have a good dream?” Two episodes in a row using the word “dream” around Cas when we know there’s a “heart breaker, dream maker, love taker” somewhere. How much more obvious can they get? And of course, Cas answered that he can’t dream, because of course he can’t. The kind of dreams he has, the kind of dreams (hope and love) someone has awaken in him are human emotions given to him by a human. “He’s in love… with humanity” as Metatron would say. Though Metatron himself later corrected this and said that everything Cas did was “about saving one human”, “to save Dean Winchester.” That’s not even subtext! All that is canon!

In case we were not sure the “heartbreaker” reference was totally about Dean, also in episode 10x02 we got a brokenhearted Crowley looking at his selfie with Dean while a song is playing. What does the song say?

“Hey there lonely girl, lonely girl, let me make your BROKEN HEART like new.” (x) I don’t even think I need to explain this anymore. It’s so obvious it really hurts my brain.

What can we expect from now on?

Well, we already know Dean needs Castiel (season 8 established that very clearly with all the I need you’s we got from Dean). Now we are learning what kind of love Cas has for Dean (clue… “He’s in love”). We just need Dean to reciprocate, to be the “love taker.” I’m just going to add here the definition of taker: “Someone who takes or receives something; someone who accepts an offer.” That means Dean-many-issues-I-hate-myself-Winchester might at some point take, receive, accept love that is being offered to him. Who is the one feeling/offering that love? I think that everybody and their mother knows that it’s a certain angel of the Lord.

I’m completely sure that Dean and Castiel are endgame. The Carver era made us a promise since season 8. We just need to be patient. What was the promise? Go back to episode 8x07 and listen to the song playing when Dean was driving and saw Cas for the first time in season 8 (not in a flashback but the real Cas, walking on the side of the road). When you rewatch that part, you will hear this:

“We gotta get out of this place if it’s the last thing we ever do. We gotta get out of this place… Girl, there’s a better life for me and you.” (x)

So… if it’s the last thing they EVER do, I’m sure there’s a better life for Dean and Cas somewhere down the road. That’s their endgame. That’s the promise we were given a long time ago. It might take a couple more seasons, I don’t know, but I’m sure we’re heading somewhere.

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Misha Collins  (x)

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