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I went to the salon today. The first one is what I looked like arriving at the salon. It’s a dark picture but my hair goes down to my elbow. And hell yes that’s a Castiel shirt. The length of hair Todd cut off was a foot long. We started calling it a horse tail, so we were screwing around while the dye did its thing and Todd wore it.

And the last one is the short hair (after I was out in the rain lol). It started to flip out on me because of the weather. It’s not used to being 200 pounds lighter yet either. My color is doing the ombré thing because the part that was dyed brown has to grow out some more. Once it’s done growing out, it will be the color of the top. I just didn’t have the time or the money to have the whole thing stripped.

I’m very old-fashioned, so I generally don’t cut my hair. This was my first salon trip in six years. Literally. Other people have to help me wash, blow dry, brush, etc., so getting a bob was my personal sacrifice to make their lives easier. Usually I have hair down to my elbows or longer. I’m a Civil War reenactor, historian, general girly-girl, etc. It was a bit traumatic to cut off all my hair.

Do you guys like it?